More about Churches

Pacific Coast Design offers complete interior design services for your church and their support facilities. Whether you need to remodel your existing facilities – plan a new addition – build a new church – we will provide an in-depth design study including complete interior design plans for the proposed structure or renovation.

Furthermore, we work within your budget to insure that your project meets your desired financial expectation. We accomplish this by working in tandem with your church design committee which includes the complete and effective management of your project; including bid proposals, procuring specialized services when required, overseeing the work as it proceeds, and making agreed upon adjustments where required.

Whether your committee prefers contemporary or traditional design styles, our designs are created with meticulous attention to detail and authenticity. This includes our approach to – church lighting – video sound systems – that balances today’s energy-efficiency demands – without sacrificing design versatility and/or quality of craftsmanship.

Regardless of the complexity of your design, we understand the process of church interior designing. The interior designs must meet the expectations of your congregation and your church leadership expectations.  This is extremely important in the overall church design process. That is why our church interior designs are customized to encompass your ministry specific requirements.

Over the last few years, church sound and video systems have become a very important process in our designs.  Today’s churches rely heavily on the utilization of these systems.  A new church building or support facilities – built within their agreed upon design requirements – but fails acoustically or visually, will be considered by some to be a unsuccessful project.

One of the most important part of our worship is singing and praising our LORD. This is accomplished by designing and engineering a sound and video system that sets the stage – regardless of the worshippers seating arrangement – to help make that possible.

Additionally, please read Karen Kelly’s article in the Church Executive (PCD in the News) to see the importance of the sitting arrangements you provide for your congregation. We feel it will bring a whole new characteristic to your thinking about how you build or remodel your church.

We have the team and the experience to insure that your church will have a purposeful environment and a atmosphere in which your congregation can worship our Lord. After all, isn’t that what a church is all about.